Writing has given my childrens' whispers - a voice,
my mother's lessons -
eternal life;
My fears and  triumphs -
a home;
And Motherhood -
a capital 'M'.

Why I wrote this book - "Enchanted Whispers: Wit & Wisdom from the Mouths of  Babes (and Momma too)

  This is not a book I intended to write.  It’s one I had to write.  After my mother’s death, suddenly I was 'Motherless' and yet 'Momma' to two young daughters – then aged 1 and 3 ½.  Now what?  

Journalizing enabled me to capture my doubts and assurances -  and everything in between.........

Writing, for me, meant more than just telling or retelling stories.  I was painting a picture!  I was charting a course.  I was reflecting, mourning, and healing.  I was learning.  I was teaching.  I was growing.   I was now at the helm of the ship….  

After some five years of writing, editing - and living life as a mother and wife and entrepreneur - Enchanted Whispers is my tribute to both parenthood and childhood. 

*    *     *     *    *   
Dedication, from Enchanted Whispers:

This book started as a collection of approximately a million ‘post it’ notes highlighting my daughters’ accomplishments.  They were meant to be inscribed in their childhood journals but never quite made it there in the order in which they occurred.

Here’s to you, girls.   A unique version of your childhood journals.   Some of the amusingly inspiring things you’ve done and said through ‘our formative’ years. 

Unlike my mother, who became a mother at the age of twenty, I became a mother at the age of 35.  It was on the day of my first baby’s birth I realized Motherhood is an eternal gift.  For now I have my own children to love and guide…. Yet with each hug I receive and lesson I teach, I too, acquire a world of knowledge.

My mother died nearly five years ago and in a strange way her death encouraged me to make this book a reality.  Her presence in my life, and thus in my daughters’ lives, is everlasting. 

Here it is, Mom.  The proof is in the print.  

    *    *     *     *     *     *     *      *

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       Have fun, Jean Lanahan
"Parenting - it's all about experiencing the 'chaotic joys'
- the mystical rewards and amazing challenges - 
of life with  children,TODAY, while it matters most!!"

Have Fun!
Another Reason for my writing this book...

When my girls do the inevitable - and turn into teenagers - this book, along with bags of odd baby teeth will be regifted.  Hopefully it will suffice for my not completing their formal childhood journals.  We'll see.
Stay tuned for sequel.

  * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Correction to the above entry.  Sequel should read sequels as I intend to write through the stages. 
Won't menopause and puberty be fun to chronicle? 

Oh, my poor husband!!!!!......

Enchanted Whispers:
'Wit & Wisdom' from the Mouths of Babes
(and Momma Too)
By Jean Lanahan

A must read for the whole family!

ISBN:   1420872842
Publisher:  Authorhouse, 5/3/06
Pages: 140
Genre:  Families & relationships, Inspirational, Motherhood/humorous
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From the back of the book

"First time author Jean Lanahan takes us through a journey of awe, wonder and enthusiasm as we hear and feel her children’s Enchanted Whispers. In our need to hurry and get through life we forget how to honor our children and our own inner child. This book allows us all to remember and hold dear those precious moments of childhood….and parenthood… A must read for parents, grandparents, and anyone interested in staying young at heart."
Loretta LaRoche, Author of Life is Short Wear Your Party Pants; Inspirational Speaker/Humorist; Star of PBS

"As the mother of a 4-year old, I truly felt that Jean Lanahan captured on paper the enchanted world that children live in – their questions, their enthusiasm, and most of all their innocence. As with children, throughout the book it was the littlest snippets, the smallest phrases, and the slightest nuances that left the greatest impressions. A terrific read for anyone who wants to revel in, or even relive their childrens’ wonder years."
Diane Danielson – National Director, Downtown Women’s Club; Co-author of Table Talk: The Savvy Girl’s Alternative to Networking

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